“Know thyself and you

will know the whole universe ”  Sócrates

Online Yoga Classes

Practice at home! Every Wednesday a new video on my Youtube channel.
Come with me into the 7 chakras journey with Yoga Dance. Check out Vinyasa Flow classes, Breath tips and Pranayamas. Exclusive series and contents available online!

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Take a few days for you to enjoy wonderful places, contact with nature, and practice Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Dance and much more. In those days you still enjoy a balanced diet, and have the opportunity to meet amazing people who are in the same journey as you.

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2mar07:00- 09:30Wake-SP07:00 - 09:30

17mar10:00- 11:30Aulão Yoga Dance com Fernanda Cunha10:00 - 11:30 Rua Dina 100 São Paulo SP 04508-040

24mar - 25mar 2408:00mar 25Curso Extensivo de Yoga Dance em SP 2018 - Estúdio Yoga Flow08:00 - 18:30 (25) Rua Dina 100 São Paulo SP 04508-040


26mai17:00Imersão em Yoga Dance em Caraíva – BA17:00 Praia da Barra, 45819-000 Caraíva, Brazil


11jul - 22jul 1117:00jul 22Curso de Formação em Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Módulo 117:00 - 14:00 (22) Rodovia Fernão Dias KM 785 São Gonçalo do Sapucaí - MG 37490000



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The teacher trainings programs are an opportunity for those who want to deepening into their self-knowledge journey, or share this experience with others being trained as a teacher.

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Fernanda has worked in a corporative world, so she knows how stress and anxiety the demands and deadlines of the corporate world interfere with the quality of life and productivity of people both in personally and professionally. So she designed a meditation and practice of conscious breathing for companies, which brings enormous benefits in terms of well-being as productivity and vitality within and outside the workplace. Many are the studies both from universities in India and the United States pointing amazing results of the benefits of meditation including the impact on the work, facilitating a clearer mind, focused and able to handle crises with more ease and consciousness. She already shares her Yoga, Yoga Dance and Meditation programs in the following companies: Airbnb, Rainha and WellSpan York Hospital.


Classes are live in real time anywhere in the world we are linked by telecommunications devices. It is the Yoga beyond the borders, we can practice together in real time anywhere in the world.

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