Oportunidades de nutrição para Corpo, Mente e Alma!

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Take a few days off your routine to be more conected with yourself.  Join us in amazing places in contact with all the pure forest, nature, water falls, beaches, amazing food and all that Braziliam nature has to offer.  You will practice Yoga, meditation, Yoga Dance, taste a amazing balanced food, have the opportunity to meet amazing people, have time to just enjoy the place, nourish and recharge and also will have lots of fun. These days will renew and balanced your entire being, that you will came back to your routine with a fresh and new state of mind and opend heart.

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Special Classes

The classes are an opportunity for us  to meet and practice together. Fernanda teaches classes regular Vinyasa and special Yoga Dance classes at Yoga Flow Studio in São Paulo.

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The workshops are intended to present the basic aspects of the practice so we can dive even briefly in the experience.

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The immersion is a way to deepen the practice. They may be shorter or longer but normally are like intensives.


Regular Vinyasa Yoga Classes

The regular vinyasa yoga classes are an opportunity to meet and practice. Fernanda teaches regular classes at Yoga FLow Studio in São Paulo at the following times:

Mondays and Wednesdays  9 – 10:15AM
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 – 7: 45PM

* Note: When she’s teaching at her Teacher training progrms there will be another teachers guiding for her classes. To find out if she will be teaching the classes click here



Classes with Live Music

These classes are held by Fernanda and her partnership with artists, musicians and music therapists to bring art and the healing power of music and dance to yoga. Classes are held with live music and exclusive soundtrack that are made for the classes. The songs are composed vibrationally according to the energy to be worked by the theme proposed in each practice so i this way the practice becomes a moving meditation. For classes with music Live music please  See the scheduled events.

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Teacher Trainings

The training are an opportunity for those who want to delve into their own journey of self-knowledge, or share this experience with others being trained as a teacher.
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