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Life is a precious opportunity to evolve. Our greatest mission is to be happy while we learn and evolve in its continuous flow of movement. The consciousness that Yoga provides help us deal wisely with the cosmic dance that is life itself. Come join this inner revolution and strengthen from the inside out finding reasons to celebrate life every day. When we choose to be happy and celebrate all that we are offered, we make room for the vital energy (prana) to flow within us and we become magnetic, attracting what we need. Our vibration rises. We are what we vibrate.

My job is to awaken people to bring the power of Yoga to the flow of life, either through a simple meditation, a class, a retreat or even a thorough inspiring teacher training. These practices are powerful to establish balance in life. The programs offered aim to inspire people to find their sva-dharma, or your life purpose. My goal is to be an agent of positive change so that each one can connect to their inherent potential. There are several programs throughout the year. Immerse yourself in this experience with immersions, retreats, online programs, teacher training, nutrition tips and self-care. My passion is to live Yoga. Yoga is too big to be practice only on the mat. It needs to be part of our lives every and single day. Life is our greatest opportunity to practice.

So come as you are and join us in either of this programs. Everyone are welcomed.

“When we understand the Yoga in deeper way, our life becomes our practice of Yoga and we no longer see separation either within and outside of us. We become One with everything. “

For Fernanda, Yoga is a continues journey that gives us the opportunity to live life in a more conscious and integrated way with all. She is Yoga teacher specialized in Vinyasa Yoga and also founderr of Yoga Dance, a practice that helps people to realize their own light and power and thus serve the world more fully. Her passion is to share and inspire people to live a life of more integration, joy and love.
Fernanda leads many programs such as; retreats, immersions, teacher trainings, Meditation and Yoga Dance throughout Brazil and internationally. She teaches in many festivals and conferences at Brazil and has shared and inspired thousands of people to integrate the teachings of yoga in their lives.

She graduated from the Business School of Santa Catarina State University, Fernanda began her professional career working in the financial market and managed the company of her family. Started her practices and Yoga studies in 2002. He moved to the US in 2006 and worked in a bank. In 2008, the dance of life led her to fully assume her great passion that is Yoga.

She studied and taught Yoga and Yoga Dance in the United States where she lived for five years. Between 2008 and 2010, Fernanda devoted entirely to yoga studies traveling extensively throughout the country where she met many teachers who have inspired and guided her. It was also during this period that Fernanda developed Yoga and Yoga Dance programs for many groups, teaching in the community, in studios and hospitals. She has studied and explored the Yoga in its many styles and combinations, including Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow Yoga Asthanga, Anusara Yoga Therapy, Let Your Yoga Dance, Shake Your Soul, Journey Dance and Circus Yoga. Among the teachers who had the opportunity to study are: Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Shakta Kaur Kalsa, Erin Mile O’Keefe, Kevin O’Keefe, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, Natasha Rizopoulos, Paul Grilley, David Keil, Megha Nancy Buttenhein, Toni Bergins, David Leven among others

She also studied Ayurveda with Diane Finlayson completing the program that gave her the certification as an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach. Also in the US, recorded the CD “Yoga for Relaxation and Inspiration”.

Her approach to Yoga integrates her study of the lineage of Krishnamacharya, tantra, ayurveda, vedanta, spontaneous movement, hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, mythology, mantra, meditation, and traditional knowledge combined with contemporary wisdom and power of practice for transformation in our day to day. Her classes are inspiring and always has a clear intention. She has a unique way of touching people’s hearts and bring the practice as a healing tool and self-knowledge from the mat for life. She inspires students around the world to practice with a clear intention, commitment and inspiration. Fernanda offers more than a Yoga class, but also a profound experience where everyone can dive in themselves and with a clear intention to bring light and inspiration for even the darkest corners of the mind. She also teaches classes in English and Spanish.

Back in Brazil since 2010, she continues studying and deepening her knowledge in the philosophy of Yoga. Among the teachers who with she studied in the period are: Marcos Schultz, Greta Hill, Sianna Shermam, Desiree Rumbaugh. Studying philosophy of Yoga with Gloria Arieira, João Carlos Gonçalves and Adriano Aprigliano. It was one of first teachers to offer online yoga classes in Brazil bringing the benefits of yoga for more than 500 thousand people. Today Fernanda has classes and Yoga Online courses that have contributed to democratize Yoga in Brazil giving opportunity for more people to have access to Yoga. It is also one of the pioneers in combining yoga with other forms of art in Brazil.

As she already worked in the corporate market, Fernanda knows how stress and anxiety of the demands and deadlines of the corporate world interfere with quality of life and productivity of people both in personal and professional life. So she offers a meditation and conscious breathing practice to companies, which brings enormous benefits in terms of well-being, productivity and vitality within and outside the workplace. Many are many studies by universities in India and the United States showing the amazing results of the benefits of meditation for all including the impact on the work facilitating a clearer mind, focused and able to handle crises with more lightness and awareness.

Her class is a celebration of each and every student in their uniqueness and diversity, enabling each one to find its own pace. She teaches in many festivals and workshops throughout the country guiding Yoga Dance classes for the release of the free and spontaneous movement that we all hold inside. Fernanda has joined the artists, musicians and music therapists to bring art and the healing power of music and dance to yoga. Classes are held with live music and exclusive soundtrack to awaken the energies of each energy center of the body (chakras). The songs are chosen according to the vibration of each center and its elements so that practice becomes a moving meditation both in Vinyasa and in Yoga Dance.


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