What is Yoga Dance

Yoga – Union, to unify,  the state of unified consciousness

Dance – continuous movement, formless form, be voluble

Yoga Dance is a inner practice that combines the tools of Yoga, dance and other philosophies/ arts to awaken the true potential that lies within us so we are able to find balance in  all aspects of ourselves:

Physical • Mental • Emotional • Spiritual

Yoga is an ancient philosophy that leads us to the state of Union or integration with ourselves and everything around us. In the Yoga point of view, there is no separation between body, mind and spirit. Through some tools such as pranayama (breathing), asana (physical postures), meditation and others we can experience presence from moment to moment. The practice of yoga leads us to bring ou attention from the outside to inside ourselves, connecting with the present moment and discover more about the unlimited nature of our own being.

Thus, Yoga leads to self realization as we bacame more skilled to deal with our own life living one day at a time with more awareness, tranquility and balance. The practice does not make us something we are not, but reveals our true nature that is often hidden by the confusion and distortion of our mind.

Dance is an ancient art and expression of humanity from its beginnings. When we dance, we are not just doing something physical, but moving all the history and emotions stored in our cells. We’re bringing all this content to surface through the body movements.

The universe is movement; It is the dance that is in all the atoms that make up the material world, day and night, the seasons, the cells of our body and its transformations etc. We are born in motion, our cells multiplied into systems building bones, brain, blood and composing the spine, the arms and the body. And when we finally learned how to balance on our two feet, we learned that there is a right and wrong way to move, learn to fit in the rules, to squeeze our wild side and convince ourselves that we feel good. We stopped to listen to our innerself and got away from the senses that shake us and make us feel awake and alive. We forget that every time we breathe, we inhale part of the other and exhale part of ourselves. We all share the same pulse. We have a direct line of communication with the rhythm that makes our heart beat. Part of us always knew how to dance. And Yoga Dance comes to remind us to rescue our own dance.

Yoga Dance has its roots in Indian mythology in which the dance is sacred. When a God dance, everything that exists enters in a continuous process of transformation. In this tradition, every human being is considered divine in its essence and dance provides the ability to access the spiritual potential of the body. In addition to the Indian culture, Yoga Dance i salso inspired by many traditions as Tantra, Vedanta, shamanism, cultural dances and spontaneous movement. So in that way Yoga Dance unite all the ancestral wisdom to contemporary experience.

So it is in that way that Yoga and Dance became United by one practice giving birth to Yoga Dance. Yoga brings awareness to the dance and also the consciousness of Union of myself and the myself related with the whole. Dance offers freedom to Yoga. When we dance with that awareness, we move from moment to moment with presence, the dance becomes a dynamic form of Yoga, as a moving meditation that heals us, makes us free and open space for all the creative energy that wants to move through of us.

How are the Classes?

Yoga and Dance offer a way to explore self-awareness. Yoga Dance classes are dynamic and diverse, with moments of insight, expression, moving meditation, relaxation and meditation with the intention to find out what is your dance. The music is key because It has a vibration that resonates in each chakra (energy centers) awakening the dance as a process that comes from the inside out.

During practice, many rhythms are explored: Indian music, Brazilian, Latin, Arab, African, trance among others. Through the movements we expande and remove areas of conflict or tension in our bodies as well as mind and emotions that may be preventing us from experiencing joy and freedom in our lives. Thus, the prana (vital energy) flows freely through the body and mind.

We explore the 7 main chakras, starting with the first chakra in which the songs are quieter, allowing a gradual and conscious way to start the practice. Here we work among other energies with: grounding, the foundation and awareness of materiality in the Muladhara (first) chakra. Then we explore the fluidity, lightness and sensuality in the Svadhisthana (second) chakra. Also trust, courage  and transformation in Manipura (third) chakra. We experience the unconditional love and forgiveness in Anahata (fourth) chakra and expression, communication, truth in Vishuddha (fifth) chakra. We go deep into our intuition and vision in the Ajna (sixth) chakra and ultimately surrender in the Sahasrara (seventh) chakra. In each chakra we work with movements and rhythms that relates with that center, as well as the characteristics of its elements, the energies that block and the energies that naturally must flow through each one of the chakras.

In addition to the yoga tools, they are also explored other practices such as tai chi, capoeira, African dance, cultural dances, spontaneous dancing among many others.

Yoga Dance is not a performance nor a choreography that requires perfection. The dance begins from the inside out and practice provides tools for each one o fus to  find our own way of movement, it is a internal dance. Thus the body is transformed into a simple expression of the soul, no right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. We become the dance and the dance becames a dynamic form of Yoga, we are immersed in the present moment and in union with the divine dancing through our movements. Thus, Yoga Dance promotes the awakening of our most vibrant energy and our creative potential without denying any emotion or experience and integrating the shadow into light and the duality into unity.

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Through practice you will be able to:

  • – Redifine the way you perceive
  • – Broaden your concepts about Yoga and Dance
  • – Live Yoga rather than just practice it on the mat
  • – Rise awareness of your personal power and inner glow
  • – Cultivating more enthusiasm, to be more alive, happy and confident in your body
  • – Having an increase in energy, flexibility, muscle tone and cardiovascular health
  • – Relax and Rejuvenate
  • – Immersion experience in the present moment
  • – Explore your own authenticity, creativity and essence.
  • – Awakening to the joy of living from the potential inherent in us all.
  • – Freeing yourself from any judgment and allow the free dance, the rhythm of the heart flow from the inside out.
  • – Expand the prana (vital energy) and explore the endless possibilities of every moment and movement
  • – Achieving balance and connection in all aspects; physical, energetic, emotional, mental.

Therefore, Yoga Dance classes are not only “classes” but a journey of self expression, self-liberation and self exploration where we have the opportunity to create our own movements and be surrender to the flow of every moment, naturally, while we heal and play. Thus, the practice becomes a moving meditation where the body becomes an expression of the soul.

Teacher Training

The Yoga Dance Teacher Training programs are an opportunity for those who want to deepen in their self journey or share this experience with others as a Yoga Dance teacher.

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“The Yoga Dance classes has been a big part of how well I’ve been feeling today. I greatly appreciate when Fernanda talks about finding our joy that is  always a part of us, it just hides or takes a nap and wake up when she we very happy. I like to see the faces of other “dancers”. They are so bright and are a reflection of how I’m feeling. No matter if they’re twelve or eighty years, the light of their joy shines radiantly. Fernanda The classes are a true gift that I thank you for sharing it with us. ”

– Anita, Yoga practitioner

“To write  about the Yoga Dance classes is contact with a gift that I  received from the universe. Through thsi practice I could access a sacred place within me. I meet places in myself that were uninhabited. I learned to breathe in discomfort to achieve a state of greater alignment and tuning. It brought up deep feelings of immense gratitude and communion with myself. ”

– Gisela Andrade, Yoga practitioner

“Before Yoga Dance I’ve practiced yoga but did not feel that lightness qualitu that I began to feel after yoga dance. I am still surprised with what happens to me during and after class. It was normal I get into tight and worried about a problem, feeling low energy, and get out of there feeling a lot of joy, singing, laughing, feeling confident with a loto of energy and disposal. It was also normal during the Yoga Dance class having a insight to  solve problems and internal and external conflicts that bothered me, it thrilled me when this happened. If one were to summarize in a few words what is the Yoga Dance for me, the words would be the joy of living, freedom, connection, inner healing and self-confidence. I feel enormous gratitude to Fernanda for lead me in this dance moviment. It is pure presence, with her sweet voice and words of light. Namaste ”

– Simony Odelli – Coach and yoga practitioner Simony Odelli

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