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Bhakti Yoga  & Yoga Dance Retreat with Live Music – Paraty – RJ – Brazil

On April 28th to May1st – 2017

Dharma Shala Inn at Ecovilla Goura Vrindavana

Fernanda Cunha and the musician Alan Gonçalves

Bhakti Yoga with live music + Yoga Dance with live Percussion + Meditation + Trails in the Atlantic Forest + Waterfall + Camp Fire + Myths of Yoga and philosophy + Bhakti + Vegetarian Cooking + Massage + Beach + The beauties of the historic city of Paraty + Fresh Fruits and vegetables + Connection + Communion + Fun.

The retreat schedule was all designed to provide an integration experience of all Being, for this Fernanda will have the participation of two musicians who have prepared exclusive soundtrack for practices also using music, dance and chanting of mantras as tools for healing and connection with our creative and divine nature.

Besides the activities, you will have free time to rest and simply enjoy the tranquility and dazzling nature of this region. So you come back recharged to your routine with a clearer mind and peaceful heart.

Paraty is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, where you can enjoy the mountain, wild Atlantic Forest, waterfalls, and pristine beaches and islands.

Yoga  & Yoga Dance Retreat at Chapada dos Veadeiros-Go Brazil

Sanctuary Osho Lua

Come along in this adventure experience of immersion to the wild and untouched nature of the Cristal Land. The Osho Lua is fully integrated with nature, has no electricity and accommodations are simple but very welcoming. Our luxury in this experience will be the connection with the exuberant nature of this ecological sanctuary. A true oasis in the middle of the savannah that has the ability to transform the visitor in a few days.

The path to get there is already an unforgettable and unique tour, making beautiful track of 2 km, and crossing a river 2 times, first with a canoe, and then by a bridge.

Amazing cuisine that nourishes the body and soul, as well as trips to the, walking in the middle of the jungle, sauna and magnificent contact with nature in an ecological sanctuary, Yoga practice, Yoga Dance, Meditation and free time to enjoy by contact intimate with nature and with yourself. So you come back to your routine with a clearer mind, body and peaceful heart.

Note: Arrival of the group at the retreat

We have a transfer from the airport of Brasilia to Sanctuary Osho Lua. Be aware of booking your tickets on time to catch the transfer. (Further details soon)

We have some reminders to visitors for an enjoyable stay in this ecological sanctuary.

– We are in an environment in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, so come with the spirit of simplicity and the desire for harmony with nature, respecting local characteristics.
– Recommended Items: Yoga mat, flashlight, umbrella, insect repellent, shoes indoors, closed shoes for hiking, swimsuit, towel for the waterfalls, sunscreen, hat or cap, comfortable clothes
– It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages or animal products (meat and fish);

Everyone are welcomed! Namaste!

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