200HS –Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher training

The program is to serve the life force, inspiring and enabling people to connect with the “Vinyasa of their lives” and thus bring out more awareness, vitality and joy.

The teacher training enables people far beyond to teach classes, but to experience yoga in their lives as a journey of evolution, art and passion. And then your classes will be an reflection of that.

200HS – Intensive Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher training with Fernanda Cunha and special guests

This training provides the fundamentals of Vinyasa: integration between breath and movement, basic principles of precise alignment, biomechanics of the postures, anatomy to build a safe practice and longevity, Yoga philosophy, sequencing, ayurveda, sun salutation A, B and creative and modifications to all levels of practitioner’s health conditions. It has a total of 200HS.

Yoga is a practice that reveals our true essence bringing us closer to who we really are. The practice transforms the way we live our lives. Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most popular styles in the world. It is a more dynamic and fluid style as integrates conscious movement and rhythmic breathing in all postures. Through the fluidity we can recreate on the mat the movement of life itself that is in continuous mobility.

Fernanda has passion for inspiring people to bring all the power of Yoga to their lives, awakening their full potential. Her approach to Yoga integrates her study of the lineage of Krishnamacharya, tantra, ayurveda, Vedanta, spontaneous movement, hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, mythology, mantra, meditation, and traditional knowledge combined with contemporary wisdom and power of practice for transformation in our day to day life. Her classes are inspiring and always has a clear intention. She has a unique way of touching people’s hearts and bring the practice as a healing tool and self-knowledge from the mat to life. It inspires students around the world to practice with a clear intention, commitment and inspiration. Her intention with the program is to inspire people to live Yoga and thus be able to share on this precious knowledge.

Program Purpose:

In addition to enable you as a certified (200h) Yoga Teacher recognized by Yoga Alliance Brazil, the purpose of this course is to offer Yoga tools so you can strengthen both the power of your mind, heart and body, integrating all aspects of your being and expanding its consciousness to flow through life with more openness, lightness and faith. After all, life is a Vinyasa that demands us both the quality of flow and full attention to move from moment to moment. And by doing it so que start to live Yoga so then you can offer your students more than one class, but a inner and transformation experience through Vinyasa.

To whom it is:

This intensive program is ideal for those who want a deeper experience and immersion in the practice of Yoga. It is 21-days teacher training so you will have the time to establish a routine of daily practice (sadhana) that will create a root within you and an opportunity to align with all your innate potential. This experience will make you more available to receive all the creative energy that wants to flow through you and so to live Yoga and share it as a teacher.

More information coming soon

This program respects all the standards of Yoga Alliance Brazil. www.aliancadoyoga.com.br

The training is based on the Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is inspired by the Asthanga and Iyengar Yoga schools. The practice of Vinyasa will align the “move” to the rhythm of breathing, warming the body and cleanse the toxins. The practice can be soft and intense at the same time. During the program we will learn both the sequences for a more challenging and solar practice as the smoothest and lunar sequences.

The program is flexible and will have an Internship, which completes a total of 200HS


To attend the course students must have at least 1 year of regular Yoga practice.


To receive the certification, the participant must successfully complete all the training activities, have at least 80% attendance in all classes and complete the internship. After the end of the program and completion of all activities and the internship, the student will receive the certification that will enable to teach classes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

The course was developed and is directed by Fernanda Cunha with the participation of guest.


  • – The teachings of Krishnamacharya: Flow of Ashtanga and alignment based on the Iyengar method
  • – The Contemporary Developments
  • – Foundation of Vinyasa
  • – Principles of Yoga and different styles
  • – Integration between breath and movement
  • – Asanas (Yoga Postures): Form, basic principles of alignment in postures, bandhas, drishtis, biomechanics, modifications, adjustments, use of Yoga props and how to adapt the postures according to the needs of each student.
  • – Anatomy of Yoga. – Surya Namaskar A and B and Chandra Namaskar. Creative Surya Namaskar, Learn how to create sequences that are both creative and safe
  • – Careful study of the form of postures and developing sequences that prepare the body for a “peak” pose.
  • – Vinyasa kramas and the stages in and out of each posture and also to flow between the postures. From basic to advanced, from simple to complex. The effects of each approach to physical, mental and energetic level.
  • – Subtle Anatomy: Koshas, Chakras and Nadis
  • – Pranyamas (breathing techniques) and meditation
  • – Theory: Yoga history. Introduction the main Indian Philosophies: Classic Pantanjali, Vedanta, Tantra etc. The origins of Vinyasa, contemporary Yoga and different styles of Yoga. ethical principles of Yoga, mental patterns. Mythology of deities and how they connect with the postures of Yoga, Mantras, chant of mantras
  • – Introduction to Ayurveda
  • – Teaching Methodology:  learn to prepare yoga classes, methodology and didactics to develop and teach a diversity of classes (private, collective, workshops, retreats) and for people with different types of restriction. Learn how to create lunar and solar practices and also how to adapt them to the time of day, the city or the connection with some fact that the students are going through. Learn to create a journey of integration for your students so that through the class they can experience yoga and being able to bring the practical teachings to their lives
  • Learn how to create an environment through the topics to practice (bhavana), themes that inspire your students and help the to bring their yoga from the mat out to life
  • Yoga Nidra and Yoga Restorative
  • Sadhana and the tools needed to develop your personal practice that takes root within you so you can integrate the teachings in your own journey and thus be more able, confident and focused to guide others
  • Sva-Dharma alignment to find your life purpose
  • Reflections on your role as a Yoga teacher
  • Business Yoga: Learn management and marketing tools and how to communicate in the yoga Market, social networking, digital media.
  • Find your voice as Yoga teacher

Note: The schedule of this program may change according to the needs of the group

Books to read:

  • The Heart of Yoga T.K.V. Desikachar
  • Anatomy of Yoga Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews – Illustrated Guide postures, movements and techniques Respiração-
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Sri Swami Satchidananda
  • The Bhagavat Gita – Eknath Easwaran


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